At all times I agree:

• To be prepared for each rehearsal. This includes practising pieces at home when necessary.
• To arrive on time at the beginning of rehearsal and after supper.
• Not to disturb other players by talking, eating, moving from my seat or using mobile phones during rehearsal.
• To obey instructions from the conductor and other LCYO leaders.
• To show respect to all players, conductor, tutors, leaders and parents. This includes queuing in an orderly fashion at supper time. I will remember to thank the parents who kindly provide the supper.
• To strive to perform to the best of my ability.
• To respect other people’s instruments. This means that I cannot handle another person’s instrument - including the percussion equipment, without their permission.
• To maintain my safety and the safety of others. I will stay within the school grounds and in the well-lit areas near the canteen. I will eat supper near the canteen and not take food in to the hall.
• To assist by placing rubbish in the bin and returning cups to the counter after supper.
• To assist by packing furniture and leaving the hall clean after rehearsal.

I understand that if the above rules are not observed then I may be dismissed from rehearsal temporarily or from the Orchestra permanently.